Ballet Floor Barre Choreography
Ballet             Floor Barre            Choreography

Floor Barre exercises:
Floor barre exercises are built to bring to anyone of any age and any level; dancer, ballet dancer, jazz, contemporary or otherwise; a comprehensive work on the body.
Throughout the year, Julie varies her barre exercises set to music to work on rhythmics, coordination, memory, and all the basic techniques and placements related to ballet.
Her floor barre exercises are meant to strengthen and re-enforce the muscle work. It helps to understand and work more in depth on some dance moves and bring fluidity in the movement.

Julie is a qualified professor of classical dance & floor barre exercises. Even though she is very demanding on the basic technique and placement, Julie has a rather neoclassical style.
She does not hesitate to use more contemporary music in her classes in order to have an open mind and movement. Isn’t Ballet the mother of all dances!
Julie uses her experience and her training as a ballet student and dancer, as well as any mistakes or problems she sees in her dance classes to build her floor exercises in order to help students understand and work on movements and techniques.


Workshop : Barre au Sol Chorégraphique©  at Micadanses 

Rue geoffroy l'Asnier 75004 Paris

21/10/18 from 16h - 19h

18/11/18 from 16h - 19h .






Workshop :Barre au Sol Chorégraphique©

 23 /03 /19 from 17h -20H

 24 /03 /19 from 13h - 16h15 

Maison Béjart , Rue de la Fourche 1000 Brussel