Ballet Floor Barre Choreography
Ballet             Floor Barre            Choreography


Spotted by Daniel Franck at the age of 8 years old in an international internship, Julie Schepens joined the Opéra de Paris school one year later under the direction of Claude Bessy in 1990.
On top of her studies as a ballet student, Julie participated in several international internships and intensive courses. In these courses Julie Schepens works with famous renowned ballet personalities like Raymond Franchetti, Roland Petit, Maurice Bejart ...
Julie was invited by the Bolshoi, along with other students of the Opéra de Paris school, to dance in Sleeping Beauty in 1991.
She was also a finalist in the international competition of young soloists in 1994 and was awarded numerous awards and scholarships from a prestigious jury composed of names such as Piotr Nardelli, Tania Bari, Anne Theresa de Keersmaeker and Marie-Claude Pietragala.
Julie Schepens qualified to be a teacher in 2000 and now teaches ballet as well as floor barre in several conservatories of Paris (from 2005 to 2009). She also prepares her students to enter highly praised and renowned dance academies.
Professional dancer and choreographer, she also participates in the dance festival « les Printemps de la Danse en Sancy-Artense ».


Workshop : Barre au Sol Chorégraphique©  at Micadanses 

Rue geoffroy l'Asnier 75004 Paris

21/10/18 from 16h - 19h

18/11/18 from 16h - 19h .






Workshop :Barre au Sol Chorégraphique©

 23 /03 /19 from 17h -20H

 24 /03 /19 from 13h - 16h15 

Maison Béjart , Rue de la Fourche 1000 Brussel