Ballet Floor Barre Choreography
Ballet             Floor Barre            Choreography

Paris / Tokyo / Brussels

My teaching is based on a contemporary pedagogy of ballet class and floor barre. It is a physical preparation that uses all the educational tools provided by the analysis of the human body. My purpose is to create, to favour, to introduce a teaching method and a practice of ballet dancing and floor barre that merges the technique witch all the richness of dancing.


Workshop : Barre au Sol Chorégraphique©  at Micadanses 

Rue geoffroy l'Asnier 75004 Paris

21/10/18 from 16h - 19h

18/11/18 from 16h - 19h .






Workshop :Barre au Sol Chorégraphique©

 23 /03 /19 from 17h -20H

 24 /03 /19 from 13h - 16h15 

Maison Béjart , Rue de la Fourche 1000 Brussel